Open spaces for living

Garden design is more than just the shaping of a limited open space. Garden design is the art of combining plants, water, stone, wood and light across cultures and epochs in such a way that harmonious worlds of experience are created. This is independent of the available space, but subject to the wishes and needs of the client, the purpose and use of the garden and its topography. In this way, very individual private and public open spaces for living are created. The infinite number of styles from the most diverse eras  that are available today, beg to be recreated, combined and harmoniously merged to create a very personal or corporate style.

In an original Paneho garden, cultures and epochs are combined with the individual wishes of their owners. Always under the aspect of what function the future open space should fulfil for living. Plants, earth, stone, water, air and fire are the elements used in Paneho garden design. But also materials such as wood, glass and metal are important means of design and expression. Especially when it comes to deliberately setting counterpoints, accentuating possible uses or making the invisible visible.


Dipl. Ing (FH)




For more than 35 years now, one free space for living after another has been growing and flourishing, under the professional hands of Norbert E. Harler. The spectrum ranges from small private gardens to the outdoor facilities of companies.

Every single project is the perfect symbiosis of professional qualification and the right intuition for the essence of man and nature.
A sound education and a holistic approach to life and planning ensure that, Paneho gardens are harmonious and high-contrast compositions that open up new perspectives and provide individual insights into the ingenuity of creation.