The embankment gently sweeps down into the garden. Freshly tossed earth exudes a velvety forest scent. Grubs hide in the soil crumb. Circular patterns in the sand testify to infinite tranquility.



The watercourse splashes softly in the dusk. Pond dwellers enjoy water games; so do their observers. A cheeky flock of sparrows splashes around in the bird bath, while a pair of titmice wait on the sidelines. Under the silvery ice cover of the pond peace and quiet returns.




The wind has bent the reed grass into the snow and left a mysterious pattern. The spider’s web gently swings in the branches of the pear tree. Dew drops shimmer like silver pearls in the filigree work of art. The autumn storm shakes the leaves of the trembling poplar and inside it becomes all the more snug.



A flock of fireflies swarms in the branches, glowing in competition with the garden lamp. A spotlight illuminates the autumnal fireworks of the redvein enkianthus. Discreet lamps illuminate the driveway and safely point the way. In the fire trough, flames flicker on the log from the felled apple tree.

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